Summer Football Action with the CFL

Football is not just the fall passion that more than a few assume it to be.  As the calendar turns to Summer, the Canadian Football League is set to spring into action.  North of the Border presents pulse pounding three down action that primes the pump for increased wagering on the fall versions in the

Bet On Golf For Enjoyment and Profit

A sport for all seasons has us looking to Bet On Golf for Enjoyment and Profit. Used to be that four day events like those on tour used to alienate a segment of the wagering public. Too long of an investment to sit at home and watch from Thursday to Sunday.  Now innovative sports books like

Why the Right Sportsbook is Important

Life is full of choices. Sometimes you’re right and others you’re wrong. You need to know that choosing the right sportsbook is important. You don’t want to be wrong in choosing the right sportsbook. Sports betting is fun and exciting, especially when you’re winning. Much of your success can come from simply selecting a quality

Betting Hockey This September for Profit

Profit on Betting Hockey This September has taken a huge step forward in terms of meaningful play.  Good afternoon and welcome back to Street Bettings.  Normally at this turn of the calendar, we would be in the middle of the NHL preseason.  Ah but the minds in the league office came with a way to

South Alabama is Perplexing, To Say the Least

By Charles Jay If you were looking for a true Jekyll-and-Hyde outfit, meet the South Alabama Jaguars, who can beat nationally-ranked teams but can’t seem to buy victory in their own conference. The Jags opened up the season with a 21-20 triumph over SEC entry Mississippi State, and then pulled off a 42-24 upset romp

Sportsbooks: Find the Right One for a Great Football Season

In a hectic, fast paced world, you are looking for a sportsbook that offers ease of mind. You certainly don’t want hassle and red tape; you expect honesty and transparency. When considering what sportsbook earns your business this year, take some time and ask yourself the following questions. What letter grade would you give last

Baseball Future Betting | Cubs the Real Deal

If you are inclined to bet baseball futures or have thought about it but never pulled the trigger than this is the time. The Cubs will win a lot of games this year and they are the odd on favorite to win the NL Central. Get in now before it’s too late. Find a great

Betting NBA Props

f you’re not betting NBA props, you’re not doing it right. One of the most fun wagers and one of the best ways to stay engaged in an NBA game is to bet on either team or player props. These are bets that fall outside of the realm of the traditional point spread, moneyline, and

Should You Parlay UFC Fights

In sports betting, winning an individual bet is usually a challenging proposition. Lines are set and adjusted to make sure the casino or website can have equal action on both sides of a bet. Combining multiple bets into one to receive a higher potential payout is called a parlay. Plenty MMA bettors have asked, should I parlay

NBA 2021 Rookie of the Year Betting

If you are looking to get into the NBA 2021 Rookie of the Year market, you should consider doing so pretty quickly. The overall favorite is heading toward minus-money as he separates himself from the rest of the pack. There are still a handful of others in the race and there is plenty of basketball