Best NFL Sportsbook for the 2020 Season

The 2020 NFL season is HERE! Bettors should be prepared with a sportsbook that will take them from the very first kickoff on Sept. 10 through Super Bowl LV. Let’s take a look at what qualifies as the best NFL sportsbook for this season.

For bettors that have yet to choose a sportsbook for the NFL season, what exactly should they be looking for? What makes the best sportsbooks for the 2020 NFL season?


Here’s what to look for in an NFL sportsbook.

Betting Options

There are a number of different factors that go into the decision of choosing a sportsbook for this NFL season. The first is simply the number of betting options available. NFL bettors like options.

America’s Bookie is your best choice for the 2020 NFL season

In addition to traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets; America’s Bookie offers a number of prop bets including Super Bowl champion, conference champions, and more. You will also find player props like league MVP and others.

Fast Payouts

After you place a winning bet, it’s always nice to collect your winnings. The next thing you should be looking for in an NFL sportsbook is related to payouts. 

MyBookie offers a nice array of NFL bets during the season, and the sportsbook also has one of the fastest payouts in the industry. You’ll get your payout in one to three days.

Banking Options

A great NFL sportsbook like 1Vice will offer you a number of methods to fund your account. You can choose from anything from major credit cards to cryptocurrency. The same for withdrawals. 

Just like with betting options, NFL bettors want options when it comes to banking with their sportsbook.

Safety & Security

It goes without saying that the best NFL sportsbooks have the best safety and security measures in place to protect their customers. Your money, your personal information, and your wagers need to be safe from outside threats.

Take the time to research sportsbooks and their security measures. Make sure they have the proper processes in place to protect your personal and financial information.

User Interface

As an NFL bettor, you want a sportsbook that offers a pleasurable betting experience. You should be able to place bets from any number of devices – PC, smartphone, or tablet – and it should be easy to do so. 

The same is true for depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. A smoother experience provides convenience, which is what bettors are looking for in an NFL sportsbook.

Outstanding Customer Support

There will come a time when a bettor is going to need some help. Sportsbooks that make that experience easy are the ones that bettors want. 

First, there are multiple ways you can contact customer support. You can call, text, email, or use an online chat feature. When you reach an agent, the experience is made even better when you are communicating with someone who has years of experience in the industry. 

Your Choice as the Best NFL Sportsbook

Ultimately, you want to choose a sportsbook based on each of the above factors. You also have to consider your needs. The best NFL sportsbook for you isn’t necessarily the best for someone else. 

Identify what’s important to you, make your pick, and enjoy betting on the 2020 NFL season.