Bet On Golf For Enjoyment and Profit

A sport for all seasons has us looking to Bet On Golf for Enjoyment and Profit. Used to be that four day events like those on tour used to alienate a segment of the wagering public. Too long of an investment to sit at home and watch from Thursday to Sunday.  Now innovative sports books like Americas’s Bookie has the solution. Heads up wagering pits peers close in talent against each other for one round or the entire tournament.  Let us together explore this option right now at

Bet on Golf : Heads Up 

Heads up means just that.  Oddsmakers will look first off at the rankings.  They tend to break down the field that way.  Allowances are made for recent big wins as well as a great loss of momentum.  Then they are pitted against their peers.  Sometimes it will be dictated by the pairings that go off in the larger and more televised events.  They assign the line according to vig requirements and any perceived inequity to try and get balanced wagering.  Now at the start of the tournament, America’s Bookie will set the matchups not only for the course of the entire tournament but the first round.  That way those that want decisive action by the end of the day can go to sleep knowing that the resolution and hopefully the profit will be in their accounts.

Heads Up Considerations : Profit 

Course dictates the types of player one goes with even at the elite level.  Take for example the WGC Bridgestone.  This is the longest par 70 course on tour at 7,400 yards.  Course layout has narrower fairways, tricky hazard placements, and unusual green layouts.  All of this lessens the effect of the driver.  What elevates in importance are two factors.

  • Greens in regulation
  • Long Iron quality
  • Ability to play impromptu

While not exactly a shot makers course, angles and irons will greatly improve the prospects among peers.  So while Jason Day vs Jordan Spieth is entertaining it may not be the best for profit.  Golfers like Jason Duffner and Kevin Na have these abilities and momentum.  Look for their matchups because they are pitted against golfers that have less hope to make the cut and flourish.  Duffner could also be a one round consideration while most would only take Kevin Na for the entire tournament because he grinds every round.

This is just one of the logic chains that can elevate one sports investment options into profit.  Establishments like America’s Bookie are ideal to play at not only because they have a universe of sports selection but their rock solid financial reputation of paying fast.  With the Golf Channel providing coverage in the early going, one can rail your investment home from Thursday on when betting on golf for profit.