When most folks go online with the idea of choosing a sportsbook in mind they are thinking, what can the bookie do for me that my current sportsbook is not doing? There are literally hundreds of online sportsbooks to choose from and knowing which one is the best can be relative and daunting. If you have a sportsbook that is treating you fairly, be thankful for that and keep them. Every savvy sports gambler has more than one bookie. Treat this hobby as you treat any hobby. You look for the best deals for what serves your needs. If your current bookie is not treating you fairly then by all means, get out and find one that will treat you with respect and most of all pay you when they owe you.

The focus here is not to tell you which sportsbook is the best. This is not a top ten list or a “which one makes the grade” list. This is an advisement of what to look for when choosing a new bookie or adding to your list of sports betting sites.

Are you looking for an online bookie that delivers the goods when it comes to payouts, bonuses and the best lines in the industry? Look no further, Americas Bookie has discovered a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow; their clients. They treat their clients like gold and they take nothing for granted. 12 Years of doing business has taug

Gaming clients need efficiency at the highest level and they will be loyal when they find it. The 5 Dimes has mastered efficient client services through fast payout methods that include cash, person to person transfers, usually within 48 hours.

At 1Vice.ag, bettors get to choose between a 30% to 100% bonus with a 3 to 10 times rollover with every deposit to help get the most out of your money. They are very loyal to their customers, offering the most sports betting contests in the business including the 33 Club, Last Man Standing, Super Bowl squares and a March Madness contest.

Since 2004, Bet33 has been focusing on what matters most to their customers. Gambling options, competitive lines, and excellent customer service are both what bring people to Bet33, and turn them into longtime loyal customers. Bet33 offers the best contests in the biz, to go along with the best bonus of all online sports betting Sites. They

You may be wondering why we recommend having more than one sportsbook, this question is valid and one that we can give a very valid answer to. We will give you a list as to why you should have more than one bookie:

► Competition. You should always have another book or two so that you can do comparison shopping.
► Lines and odds. Who has the best ones? Choose carefully when placing a bet, know the number and just like our before mentioned number one, competition. If you want to win money, spend the least for the better number.
► Which bookie would you rather take a bonus with? You should be taking a bonus with at least one of them. Who do you want to designate as cash only and bonus?
► Which one do you rely on for the fastest payouts?
► Laying off. You should always have a bookie available to lay off with if you get in trouble. What makes a sportsbook great?
► Reliability and speed of payouts
► Hassle free deposit methods
► Fantastic player bonuses
► Flexible rollovers
► Customer service
► Toll free hot line assessable from the United States
► English speaking agents that know the sports gambling business
► Competitive lines and odds
► A broad scope of sports offered to bet on, not just the “big four”
► A wide variety of prop bets in all sports
► Great futures bets and offerings

The above list is not comprehensive but it’s a great start. What you must do as a player is decide what’s important to you. Is it a great bonus, great prop lines or speed of payouts? There are multiple factors that must be considered when choosing on a primary, second, third, fourth and on down the line.

When deciding on a sportsbook, never take for granted that you know the rules of the bookie. That is the most unwise thing that you can do. Every sportsbook has a “terms and conditions” section, read it,
know it, be familiar with it and you won’t be in for a surprise.

Many sportsbooks require a waiting time for payouts as a new client. Make sure you ask these questions before making a deposit. Maybe that’s ok with you, your urgency level for payouts may not be the next
day or two days. There are bookies that will pay you out the next day and have the money in your hand within as little as two or three days. You must decide what’s important to you. Most of all have fun, this
is your hobby, make the most of it.