Betting Football on the College Season Opener 8/26

We can start Betting Football on the College Season Opener in less than ten days.  Good morning and it is wonderful to see everyone back here.  A treat for sports fans this year as the regular season starts half a world away.  See where the venue is and the teams that will kickoff this football season here at Street Bettings.

College Season Opener : Cal and Hawaii

Time zone math from Australia to the United States are complex.  The land down under will be playing host to the first game of 2016.  Local time in Aussie Land is noon on August 27th.  Those on the eastern seaboard of the United States see the betting window for this one close on August 26th at 10PM.  Locally, the natives are calling this the Sydney Cup where over 70,000 are expected to attend.  Venue is ANZ Stadium which was built for purposes of the 2000 Olympics.

Cal Heavy Favorite

Golden Bear fans are expecting more of the same success in last year’s 8-5 season. In this game, the live lines at Americas Bookie lists them as over 20 point favorites.  Part of this hinges on the rebuilding process that a new coach has to do.  3-8 last year but they have their quarterback coming back so the shelves are not completely bare with the Rainbows.

Late night profit potential has long been associated with Hawaii.  Their home games have allowed many a sports investor to pour it on their games to reverse fortunes or propel even more profit from the weekend.  Quality sportsbooks like Americas Bookie have operators waiting to talk to you.  Setting up your sports investment account is a quick and can get you into the action fast.  Thanks for checking in with us at the Sports Bettings.  Good fortune in your sports investments for the upcoming week.