Betting Hockey Periods and Props

The Stanley Cup Finals opened with a bang and the jam packed house on the Las Vegas strip was rocking and there couldn’t have been a more entertaining game than this affair. Four goals were scored in the opening period and if that wasn’t enough, two more came in the second and four more came in the third. This game showed the fans exactly what they came to see; action. It was non-stop from start to finish and the Capitals showed up in a big way but the Golden Knights showed up bigger.

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The Knights gave up the lead in the third period and it looked as if experience had finally caught up. That didn’t last long! After giving up the lead over the course of nine minutes, the Golden Knights came storming back to regain control of the game and went on to win by a final of 6-4. The Golden Knights were favored in this game and with good reason. The offshore sports books have set the standard in hockey odds all season long and Vegas just follows their lead.

This game was never about defense, the tempo was set early and it was upbeat and fast. Tom Wilson laid a brutal hit on Jonathan Marchessault from his blindside and that ticked off the Knights and most definitely ticked off the crowd. This series is going to be a barn burner and both teams can keep up the pace. There are going to be more great story lines and a lot of goals scored.

What’s important for you the bettor is to take game one as a perfect example of how this series has the potential to play out. This series can be a gamblers dream if you play the cards right and here are a few friendly suggestions.

1. Find an online bookie service that loves hockey, one that caters to it and one that offers great lines and odds.
2. Take the 100% bonus, lay the entire bonus on a side or total and split your cash on the three periods. Make sure your bookie offers all three periods as a wagering option.
3. Open up two or three online accounts with separate books. You want this so that you can bet live with one book and for the entire game with another. If you find yourself in trouble you will be thankful for two or three other bookmakers. Remember, this is the final shot at betting Hockey until the 2018/2019 season rolls around, make the most of the next six games. Have a cash only account with one bookie so that you can request a payout at any time.

Look for a bookie that offers great hockey prop odds such as how many shots on goal and how many saves. This can be a money maker, the bookies rarely do their research and they can be beat on these kinds of bets. Also look for head to head match ups, this is a fun way to play and a way to have your back if things go south for the game.

Most importantly, bet hockey the periods. You see how things went in game one. There will be a ton of scoring in this series and you can make a small fortune. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Ask your current pph bookmaker if there sports book software offers third period betting if they don’t then open one that does and play the third period. It will be well worth your time.

Have fun betting this Stanley Cup. This is an exciting year and the best is yet to come. Can the Golden Knights actually win this thing? The oddsmakers think so with a series price of -230. Jump on it, it’s still a good number.