Betting NBA Props

f you’re not betting NBA props, you’re not doing it right. One of the most fun wagers and one of the best ways to stay engaged in an NBA game is to bet on either team or player props. These are bets that fall outside of the realm of the traditional point spread, moneyline, and totals bets.

There are both player and team proposition bets, which are also sometimes referred to as “specials.” NBA props bets typically fall into one of two categories – skilled and unskilled.


Skilled vs. Unskilled NBA Props

Skilled prop bets refer to those bets that are related to actual basketball skill. There are team props like Will a Playoff Series go Seven Games? Another team prop is related to the final scoring margin in a game.

Skilled player props include bets on the Over or Under on a player scoring a certain amount of points in a game. For example, James Harden’s total for a game is set at 26.5. You can wager on Harden scoring 27 or more or 26 or fewer. 

As they sound, skilled proposition bets are those that require basketball skill as well as the skills of a sound bettor to capitalize on them. If LeBron James averages 29 points a game against Golden State for his career, it would make sense to bet on the Over if his point total was set at 25.5 in a game against the Warriors.

Unskilled prop bets are essentially either/or bets. They require no skill on the bettor’s part. They are bets such as Will there be five dunks in tonight’s game? Another is a wager on the number of fouls in a certain quarter of a game.

It’s nearly impossible to predict unskilled prop bets, but they can be a lot of fun to wager and can make watching any game more exciting.

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Why Bet NBA Props

Prop bets give bettors more flexibility in their wagers. Before props, bettors had just moneyline, point spread, and totals bets. Now, there are more choices, which allows bettors to win bets regardless of the outcome of a game.

Don’t be afraid to dive into some live betting props either. Sometimes when you are watching a game, you will find nuances. Bet those with confidence.

There is also tremendous money-making potential in betting NBA props. There are a number of prop bets that offer big payouts. Bettors who do their homework can be rewarded for picking up on the little things that happen in NBA games.

NBA Prop Betting Strategy

When betting NBA props, bet on who and what you know. If you know Harden struggles when he plays against a certain player or team, use that to your advantage in making a prop bet. 

You also need to use the correct data when making your prop betting decisions. If you are going to wager on the number of three-pointers Harden will have in a game, you will obviously look at Harden’s three-point shooting stats.

On the other end, you will also want to look at Harden’s opponent. You don’t really care so much about their overall defensive stats. You should examine their stats specifically against the three-pointer.

Another tip is to make sure your prop bets work in conjunction with a wager on the game. You don’t want to bet on Harden going Over his point total and on his team to lose. Those two bets work against each other.