Betting Sprint Cup Chase for Entertainment and Profit

Dust has settled on the track with the week off and now Betting Sprint Cup Chase can start.  Wonderful to see one and all back here at Street Bettings.  Tony Stewart has been driving ultra aggressive the last ten races in making a statement coming into this stages.  Frustration boiling over into anger has been boiling over between Matt Kenseth and Brad Keselowski.  Angles like these are just a couple of the wagering considerations going forward starting this weekend.

Betting Sprint Cup Chase : Format

What is cutting edge about the NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase is how they hit the reset button after every three races.  A field of sixteen is paired down by four less after each stage.  How does one maintain their place?  Win and you are safe to advance to the next point.  Being in the top portion of points above the cut line also does that but nothing is guaranteed.  After every third race, the drivers go from 16, 12, 8, 4, and then the eventual champion.  However after drivers are lost, the win counter and points are reset.  This ratchets up the action to a red line pitch through out all the series.

Toyota cars are back on a hot streak.  They started the season catching fire early.  Furniture Row Racing and Joe Gibbs racing both went quiet for most of the summer.  A lot of concern in this but they ended the final few races as hot as they were early.  Almost half the year was dominated by these five men.

  • Martin Truex Jr
  • Carl Edwards
  • Matt Kenseth
  • Kyle Busch
  • Denny Hamlin

Each week Americas Bookie will have these races to bet on.  Not only futures to win that race but head to head wagering between the titans.  Odds to advance beyond each stage are also available.  Night time wagering with your sets that put you into the action.  Great visuals and audio that makes you feel the vibration of the engine.  So go to Americas Bookie right now and investigate all the lanes to profit right now for your motorsports profit this Autumn.