Baseball Future Betting | Cubs the Real Deal

If you are inclined to bet baseball futures or have thought about it but never pulled the trigger than this is the time. The Cubs will win a lot of games this year and they are the odd on favorite to win the NL Central. Get in now before it’s too late. Find a great

Sportsbooks: Find the Right One for a Great Football Season

In a hectic, fast paced world, you are looking for a sportsbook that offers ease of mind. You certainly don’t want hassle and red tape; you expect honesty and transparency. When considering what sportsbook earns your business this year, take some time and ask yourself the following questions. What letter grade would you give last

South Alabama is Perplexing, To Say the Least

By Charles Jay If you were looking for a true Jekyll-and-Hyde outfit, meet the South Alabama Jaguars, who can beat nationally-ranked teams but can’t seem to buy victory in their own conference. The Jags opened up the season with a 21-20 triumph over SEC entry Mississippi State, and then pulled off a 42-24 upset romp

Betting Tips for Winning c

Pointspreads and total lines capture the attention of most sports bettors when another season of NFL games rolls around, but you could be missing out on a great opportunity to build your overall sports betting bankroll if you are not open to betting on moneylines for the games. Most sports bettors immediately think of baseball

How to Bet Tennis : US Open Edition

What better way to explore How to Bet Tennis then to look at the best tournament in the Americas.  Great to see everyone back here at the Street Bettings.  Today, we gear up for the US Open.  This is one year where the few dominant players left will have hard times taking the title.  Novak

Betting Sprint Cup Chase for Entertainment and Profit

Dust has settled on the track with the week off and now Betting Sprint Cup Chase can start.  Wonderful to see one and all back here at Street Bettings.  Tony Stewart has been driving ultra aggressive the last ten races in making a statement coming into this stages.  Frustration boiling over into anger has been

Betting Football on the College Season Opener 8/26

We can start Betting Football on the College Season Opener in less than ten days.  Good morning and it is wonderful to see everyone back here.  A treat for sports fans this year as the regular season starts half a world away.  See where the venue is and the teams that will kickoff this football

Best NFL Sportsbook for the 2020 Season

The 2020 NFL season is HERE! Bettors should be prepared with a sportsbook that will take them from the very first kickoff on Sept. 10 through Super Bowl LV. Let’s take a look at what qualifies as the best NFL sportsbook for this season. For bettors that have yet to choose a sportsbook for the

Selectivity is Key to Sports Betting Success

Anyone that is even a little bit serious about betting on sports needs to have a set budget for their sports betting bankroll. It’s not for me to decide what your budget will be, but for purpose of this article, our budget is set at $5,000 annually, or an average of $420 per month. This

Bookies, Are You Using the Right Bookie Software and Provider?

As a bookie, you must always be aware of your bottom line and in order to accomplish this, you must always be on top of your clients betting activity and the kinds of lines and odds that you are offering them. The critical aspect of all this lies in the right bookie software and the right