Guide to Play Against the Odds

How can I beat the house? That is always the question when it comes to sports betting. Gambling is, and always should be, just for fun; it is a way to add excitement and adrenaline to your favorite games, a way to prove everything you know about your favorite teams and players and a way to challenge your

Software for Bookmakers

Even the smallest local bookies utilize software nowadays to run their businesses. There are multiple ways to obtain software for bookmakers. There are also several levels of service available based on how big your operation is and the requirements of your business. I’m going to explain how to obtain the best betting software for bookies. Ways

Betting Hockey Periods and Props

The Stanley Cup Finals opened with a bang and the jam packed house on the Las Vegas strip was rocking and there couldn’t have been a more entertaining game than this affair. Four goals were scored in the opening period and if that wasn’t enough, two more came in the second and four more came

Pay Per Head Pricing Plans for Private Bookies

Given the ever growing popularity of online sports betting, there is an incredible business opportunity for anyone looking to start a business running and managing their own sportsbook as an independent sports bookmaker, but you still need the right tools of the trade to actually be successful making money at this endeavor. The first starting point

Betting Hockey This September for Profit

Profit on Betting Hockey This September has taken a huge step forward in terms of meaningful play.  Good afternoon and welcome back to Street Bettings.  Normally at this turn of the calendar, we would be in the middle of the NHL preseason.  Ah but the minds in the league office came with a way to

NHL, MLB, NBA – Don’t Forget to Mix and Match Parlays

The NHL Playoffs have been nothing less than amazing this year and if you enjoy laying a buck or two on the action then hopefully you have been well rewarded for your efforts. The football season is thought by many to be the best time of year for the sports gambler but we really don’t

What Happens to Pay Per Heads Now that Sports Gambling is Legal in the US?

The pay per head industry is going to be bigger, stronger and better than ever before. The news that the US Supreme Court has legalized sports gambling in states beyond Nevada is just what the Dr. ordered to give PPH services a shot in the arm. This is the best news they have heard in a very

 What is a PPH Software Must Have

For all the bookies out there, ask yourself this, does my sports betting software pass the test, am I getting the most out of my PPH, could I be getting more? The bookie business is your business and no matter if you have three clients or 3, 300, you should be getting what you signed up for and

Betting The 2020 MLB Season at Online Sportsbooks

The exciting news is that the 2020 MLB regular season is finally set to get underway. Even more exciting is all the MLB betting options you will find at online sportsbooks. The top-rated online books catering to the US market have dialed things up in light of all the pent-up demand for betting action. Along

Understanding Value in Betting

Your closest friends are all raving over their successes as sports bettors. They are just casual bettors, but they are picking winners on NFL games, college football games, NHL, NBA, and more. Breaking the Bookie – How Sharp Players Do It You ask them more and find out they are simply betting on teams to