Bookies, Are You Using the Right Bookie Software and Provider?

As a bookie, you must always be aware of your bottom line and in order to accomplish this, you must always be on top of your clients betting activity and the kinds of lines and odds that you are offering them. The critical aspect of all this lies in the right bookie software and the right price per head provider.

Bookies have an all-encompassing job, you wear many hats and you are put upon from every which way possible. You are expected to be up 24 hours a day, you are expected to grade tickets within five minutes of the games end and the players want paid. You probably take a million and 1 phone calls in a day and let’s face it, this job can be taxing. It sure is fun when the money is flowing but when players start beating you; not only is it not much fun, it’s downright stressful.

Selectivity is Key to Sports Betting Success

Bookies have many worries but your number one concern is always the bottom line. Are you making money? You are in this business for one reason and it’s not because you like the action! If you are in this business because you like the action, then you are sitting on the wrong side of the table, you should be a gambler, not a bookie! You must be on top of your finances at all times and you absolutely have a duty to yourself, to know where every dollar is at all times.

Gamblers will beat you, this is a fact of life that every bookie must grow accustomed to and realize. When you get into the bookie business, you are taking on the risk of bettors that outsmart the oddsmakers. What you must do to combat this is have the best support system in place at all times.

Fantastic bookie software is like an insurance policy. You take out this policy in order to protect yourself from losses and damage. The right bookie software will help organize your business into a profit generating machine. You must have access to player and cash flow reports. You must have the ability to set and manipulate your lines and odds and you must have total control over what your players do at all times.

Find the right bookie software. There are great providers out there online that can help you to make giant profits but you must make the decision to find them and use them. Don’t ever take for granted that your players will eventually lose, “because that’s what gamblers do”. What if you get a handful or even one really lucky player? This can sink you in a hurry. You must be honest with your clients and you must payout on time or you lose all credibility.

Literally hundreds of online sportsbooks to choose from and knowing which one is the best

The bookie software that you use will determine your success or failure rate, If you are not using any software then you absolutely must find a great pay per head provider that provides the best software with the best reputation in the gaming industry. Find a provider that’s willing to offer a free trial and see if you like their system. It’s time to stop worrying about your accounting woes and start counting the profits. Get the best bookie software available today and you will see the difference almost immediately.

A few quick tips for what to look for in a great bookie software provider:

  1. Reliability/Up-Time. Do they guarantee that you will almost never be offline? You never want to be down. In order to make money, your clients must be able to access your webpage close to 100% of the time
  2. Accounting services, Do they provide detailed player and cash reports that are accessible to you 24 hours a day?
  3. Customer service. Do they have a top notch reputation and do they offer a toll free hotline accessible to you and your clients?

Never sell yourself short. You love being a bookie but you also love winning money. There is only one way to stay a consistent winner and that’s with the use of fantastic bookie software and you find that great software through the use of a great provider. Read the price per head reviews, find out who the best in the industry really is and give them a try.