Does Your PPH Offer Live Betting

Live betting is a fan favorite. Make sure you’re offering it to your players.

Key Point

– Live betting is the biggest trend in sports betting right now.

– Bookies should be sure to use a PPH service that has a strong live betting platform.

The hottest trend in sports betting is the ability for bettors to now engage and place bets while a sporting event is being played. Live betting, or in-game or in-play wagering, is all the rage.

If you are currently a bookie and not offering live betting, you need to change that and fast. The question, “Does your PPH offer live betting,” should always be answered with a resounding “yes” if you want to enjoy success as a bookie.

What Is Live Betting?

It’s not a trick question. In-game betting is exactly what it sounds like. Bettors can place wagers on a game that is already in play.

With the rise of internet technology and sportsbook software over the last decade or so, sportsbooks can now offer live odds and lines on a wide variety of bets. 

Odds and lines are usually updated whenever there is a stoppage of play in a game. Imagine a timeout in a football or basketball game or even when play stops for a penalty or foul. Sportsbooks adjust odds and lines depending upon how the game is playing out and bettors can then wager accordingly. 

Live bettors can find all the traditional bets as well as all kinds of props and other bets. Smarter bettors are learning how to spot value in live bets as sportsbooks and bettors continue to adapt to the learning curve.


Why Offer Live Betting?

Well, the competition is offering it. That’s for sure. If there is action bettors can find somewhere else, you can bet they will go and find it at another sportsbook. That takes business away from your sportsbook.

Live betting is all the rage for a reason. It is extremely fun and exciting. Sports bettors have a stake in the games they wager on. There is nothing more exciting than placing a live bet and then watching that bet win right after you place it. Even when you don’t win, there is something about being able to watch your bet play out in real time.

In today’s world of instant gratification, live bets feed the frenzy. Now, not all live bets are determined right away. If you place a point spread wager while watching a game, you have to wait until the game is over to cash your ticket. However, there are numerous live bets that are decided instantly.

Take an MLB game as an example. You can wager on the next pitch being a ball or strike. You can bet on the current hitter to get a hit, strikeout, or walk. Each of these bets is determined almost instantly with the next pitch or next few pitches. 

That instant gratification is part of the draw of live betting. Bettors love it and bookies can make money on it. That’s why you need to offer it.

Even if you do offer in-game betting, in today’s society, it’s not enough. Get casino and racebook options with PPH.

In-Game Streaming

To take live betting to the next level, your PPH needs to offer your customers the ability to live stream games. One of the big tips for anyone who is in-game betting is to watch the game they are betting on. 

Bettors can see how the game is playing out. They can see how particular players are playing. One might be having an off night; another is having a career night. Regardless, this is information that bettors can use to place their live bets. 

Again, the best in the business are offering their customers the ability to live stream sporting events right through their betting accounts. This makes it even easier for the live bettor to place live wagers.

Switching Pay Per Head Services

Like anything, there are pay per head services with strong live betting platforms and other services with some not-so-strong live betting platforms. 

If you have any doubts as to your current live betting offering, the time to change is now. Do not hesitate. Your bottom line will thank you. Switching pay per head services is easy.

Remember, bettors that have issues with anything – from financial transaction issues to not being able to find certain bets – will go somewhere else and buy from them.

Your live betting platform needs to be easy to access. It should include a live streaming component. Speed and connection issues should be virtually nonexistent. 

If you feel like your sportsbook lacks in any area related to live betting, start checking out new PPH services. Be sure to find those services that offer everything you are looking for in addition to having an outstanding live betting function.

Use a free trial of a new PPH service to make sure it’s the one for you and your operation. Once it’s in place, you should be ready to take your sportsbook to new heights.