Get Casino and Racebook Options with PPH

Casino and racebook options are a must for any successful bookie business. Get with a pay per head service to start offering them.

Key Points

– Adding casino options with the right pay per head service can only add to a bookie’s bottom line. 

– PPH services will add racebook options as part of their service for an independent bookie.

Casino and Racebook Options with Pay Per Head

Are you getting the most from your price per head service? It’s not just all about sports these days. Players are demanding more which means bookies need to keep up with the competition.

If your sportsbook doesn’t offer casino and racebook options, you need to find one that does. And fast. Players looking for these other options are already finding new online sites to play at.

If you truly want to maximize your sportsbook’s potential, you need to get casino and racebook options with PPH.

The Local Casino

The right pay per head service can turn your local bookmaker into the new local casino hangout. Think about it. Customers spend more time playing casino games than they do at their online sportsbook.

You may offer great action on games from all over the world, but a bettor places bets and then leaves. The casino player sits down and keeps playing.

If you engage players, they will step inside your casino where they have the potential to spend more money. That adds to your bottom line.

Pay Per Head Casino Options

Find a pay per head provider that offers the best in casino games. Just as with sports bettors, casino players like options. Players like slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, and more. 

The more games a PPH can offer; the better. Poker is another plus as it draws in a lot of action. There are variations of poker too like stud, three-card, and others.

The latest trend is what will really draw more players – live dealer casinos. Those who play a lot of casino games really like the live dealer games. It makes it feel more like being at the casino all from the comforts of home…or anywhere!

Maybe you’re already a bookie? You’re using a PPH service but don’t have these options? Switching pay per head services is easy. We have your guide to a swift change.

The Racebook

There are the casual horse bettors that typically only wager on Triple Crown races. Those aren’t the only horse races though.

There are horse racing events almost every day. Having a facebook feature as part of your pay per head offering will bring you some extra business. 

Most PPH companies will add the facebook option as part of your service. It will allow you to accept bets at hundreds of tracks from all over the world. You will be able to take action on races at all the famous tracks like Churchill Downs, Penn National, Santa Anita Park, and more.

Casino and Racebook Options

As mentioned, the racebook feature is part of the service a PPH company provides.

It’s the same for the casino games. Bookies typically pay the industry standard of $10 per head and receive a turnkey solution that operates a sportsbook, casino, and racebook. 

If you currently operate a sportsbook but do not offer casino games or a racebook, open up a whole new world by adding these features. They will allow you to bring in more players and increase your overall profits. Casino and racebook options will instantly increase your weekly player involvement.