How to Bet Tennis : US Open Edition

What better way to explore How to Bet Tennis then to look at the best tournament in the Americas.  Great to see everyone back here at the Street Bettings.  Today, we gear up for the US Open.  This is one year where the few dominant players left will have hard times taking the title.  Novak got bounced in the first round of the Olympics.  Serena also ran out of gas and missed the medal podium.  Let us look at some of the more popular wagers that can win us some money at Flushing Meadows 2016.

How to Bet Tennis : Futures for the US Open

Futures represent a wager before the event starts.  Usually it revolves around who will win the tournament but not all of them are just this.  The top favorites have prices assigned to them like Serena Williams +340.  This says that if you were to bet $100 that you would get that back plus $340 more if she does win the event.  Sometimes it is possible to bet the field verses a few select favorites.  Tremendous paydays await those it you can peg the winner right off the bat.

Moneyline, Totals, and Spreads

These are the three main bet types for an individual match.  Moneyline is simply put the price one gets or has to pay for the person to win the match.  Spreads are the number of games the favorite must spot to get a perceived even match.  Kviotva -3 1/2 means that she would spot here foe this amount when their total number of games each are tallied at the end of the round. Totals are best for people that can peg whether a match will be long or short.  Under are one sided affairs while overs are tighter matches.

Monday August 29th starts the fesitivies.  Get in those future wagers right now.  Remember that in Grand Slam events, the men play best out of five sets.  So factor endurance into the fast, true courts of the US Open.  Deposit, bet, play, and win in tennis action at Americas Bookie today.  Good fortune and we will see you next time here at APEX Tennis Betting.