NFL Contests Broadens Sportsbook Appeal

Final piece of the puzzle snaps in place with NFL Contests forming the complete fan experience at an Offshore Sportsbook.  Preseason games, regular season betting, and the playoffs all provide ample chance to profit on our best bets.  While this aspect combined with a rock solid payout record are must haves, promotional opportunities should also be in your consideration for which out to avail.  Let us at Street Bettings show you the resource we use to make informed decisions on where our wagering dollars go this Autumn.

NFL Contests : Last Man Standing

Free plays are a great means of not only advancing your initial deposit status but also as a parachute to safely land if your first few wagers do not transpire like we would want them too.  What fans and bettors want are multiple bits at the apple for success!  This is what the Last Man Standing contest at a popular offshore sportsbook provides.  One winner where the prize is $3K.  Format is straight forward.  Pick one winner regardless of spread and advance.  Lose and you are out.  What is even better is that a second contest for another $3k starts in Week Five.  You could be in the running for two large cash prizes over the course of the 2016 season.  Follow the link to see the rules and how to claim your entries.

Comprehensive Reviews at Ask the Bookie

We are blessed by having many options at our disposal in our venture for sports wagering profit.  However make no mistake, not every destination is equal.  Some shops have cropped up for a season or two.  Others give vanilla lines or long cashout time frames that detract from NFL wagering.  Ask the Bookie took all of this and other salient factors into their deliberations.  The fruit of their exhaustive work is found in their comprehensive sportsbook ratings section. The good and the bad for all the world to see before depositing a dime anywhere.

Hall of Fame Game is fast approaching. One does not have to wait for the 2016 NFL regular season to reap the rewards.  Go to Ask the Bookie and make the best decisions by their splendid sportsbook rating section today.