NFL Schedule Week 1 is Almost Here 9/3

Middle of the Labor Day weekend and NFL Schedule Week 1 is almost upon us for 2016.  Happy holidays from all of us here at Street Bettings as we are in the midst of the Labor Day Weekend. A tasty appetizer is present with the opening of the college football season.  However, the main course comes Thursday with Denver hosting the Carolina Panthers in the opener.  Let us look at an invaluable site we have bookmarked to use as a reference to know what is on the horizon for the the upcoming NFL season.

NFL Schedule Week 1 : Thursday at Denver

2016 opens up with the world champs hosting the first game in the Mile High City.  Denver continues to make news with their quarterback situation.  They got cheap and let the future of their franchise go.  Now they ditch the only veteran on their squad in favor of a second year player and rookie whom have never thrown a pass in the league.  If one goes to NFL Schedule Week 1, we see not only that tempting fade but other games on Sunday and Monday to feast on.


Plenty of games way up in the air for the first week.

  • New England with Brady being absent for four weeks.
  • Sam Bradford in Minnesota for a king’s ransom when Bridgewater got hurt
  • Rookie for Dallas starting because Romo is gone.

These are just some of the matchups that can be pounced on for profit.  Will the Lions even show up for their lame duck coach in Indy?  All of this and we are not even to the double header for Monday Night Football.

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