NHL, MLB, NBA – Don’t Forget to Mix and Match Parlays

The NHL Playoffs have been nothing less than amazing this year and if you enjoy laying a buck or two on the action then hopefully you have been well rewarded for your efforts. The football season is thought by many to be the best time of year for the sports gambler but we really don’t think so. The NBA playoffs are in full swing right along with the NHL playoffs and the MLB regular season. This time of year is the best time to make real money and to see large profits filling up the sportsbook account.

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It is often said that parlays never win, folks, this is simply a misnomer, it is not true. Parlays do win and it’s up to you to put the right parlays together. Let this be known: It is very difficult to hit a parlay over four or five games. The safest parlays are obviously two and three teamers.

Rule of thumb when gambling on sports, whether it be parlays, straight bets, teasers, money lines, prop bets or any others: Never look at the money! Don’t let yourself fall into this trap. When we say “looking at the money” we mean looking at the possible payout. Many gamblers get caught up in this very bad habit and it leads to gambling death! It is easy to start stacking on the teams when building a parlay because the potential payouts get bigger, bigger and much bigger. Don’t be suckered into false hope.

Remember this: It’s hard enough to get one team in. Don’t get greedy and stay within the scope of gambling reality. Patient gamblers make money, impatient gamblers lose a ton of it. Impatience is death to sports gamblers.

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We can’t emphasize this point enough. Never look at the money. A win is a win is a win and be grateful for it. A $2 win is better than any kind of loss. Absolutely, you gamble to make a profit, gambling is for fun but the bottom line is profits and if you are not seeing them, then you must mix it up.

Every great bookmaker out there will offer great parlay odds because they all want to beat you. When you play a parlay you are gambling with the bookie. Be careful, do your homework on each sport and know who has a real chance to win the game. Shy away from big favorites.

There is nothing worse than betting a three team parlay where you have the Golden State Warriors -10.5, the Tampa Bay Lightning -155 and the Houston Astros and Verlander -275, the Warriors and the Lightning come through for you like gangbusters and you are waiting on the last three innings of the Astros game and then you are home, sailing to a $600 win. Then Verlander goes out in the 8th and the Astros give up the long ball and you lose the game. The one game you thought for sure, simply because of the big number–275.

Mix up the Parlays, have fun with multiple sports and never let possible payouts be you deciding factor. Do your homework first, know who really has a chance and don’t lay all of your eggs in one basket. Have an anchor team that’s reasonable and have a backup straight bet covering your parlay risk amount. It’s kind of like playing roulette, you play only red or black because it pays 2-1, and you should always have at least one chip on 0 and 00. 0 and 00 pay 35-1 if you play your cards right, you have a backup plan.