Pay Per Head Pricing Plans for Private Bookies

Given the ever growing popularity of online sports betting, there is an incredible business opportunity for anyone looking to start a business running and managing their own sportsbook as an independent sports bookmaker, but you still need the right tools of the trade to actually be successful making money at this endeavor. The first starting point is to find the right Pay Per Head bookie software solutions company at the right price.

If you check out the online ads for Price Per Head service, most of them will advertise one low weekly price per head fee for each of your active betting customers. For the most part, this is correct since most of the business tools that you need in your tool box as a private bookie are included in a very affordable turnkey fashion. Once you decide which PPH service you want to sign on with, they are more than willing to walk you through some very simple steps to take your bookie business online. They also offer continued support through an experienced customer service staff that understands what it takes to be successful as an independent sports bookmaker.

Betting on Sports is a Hobby: So Why the Stigma?

You should be able to run and manage your own sportsbook with just about any basic per head sports betting software package given how advanced today’s online betting applications have become. However, if you are serious about creating a viable sports bookmaking business that can provide a steady stream of income on a year-round basis for years and years to come, then at some point in time you are probably going to want to upgrade your PPH service.

You will ultimately have to decide what added features and benefits are worth paying extra for and which ones you can do without, but just like anything in life you usually get what you pay for. One of the biggest advances in online bookie software is real time reporting. As your business continues to grow, so will the pace of the all the betting action that you take in. Some real time business reports are probably included in your basic package, but many of the top PPH sites have upgraded their assortment of up to the minute analytics as part of their premium package.

If you are only working with a handful of players that primarily bet college football and NFL games in the fall, then having access to these advanced real time business analytics may not be all that high on your priority list. If your customer base suddenly grows in both scope and range of betting activity, real time data for all the daily action coming in becomes a very important aspect of managing you overall position on any game, managing the activity of each individual player and managing the need to move your betting lines and make mass edits in a quick and efficient manner.

Another example of a feature or benefit that might be part of a software upgrade would be 24/7 customer support via a secure messenger service that can handle any issues that arise in a very discreet and timely fashion. Anyone running their own business knows that time is money and a faster response time via an advanced form of communication technology may mean the difference between resolving an issue quickly and having it turn into a major problem a bit further down the road.

The one thing in common with the best Pay Per Head sites in business today is a detailed listing of all the features and benefits offered in any of the different online sports betting software solution packages they may happen to offer. This way, you should never have to worry about any hidden fees or added costs buried in the fine print of an agent agreement.