Price Per Head Benefits – for the street bookie

The price per head industry has taken the sports gambling world by storm and in fact, pay per heads have basically taken over online gaming. Whether it be a great casino, poker room, racebook or sportsbook, pay per heads are king. Although they are everywhere, many folks are confused as to what role they actually play or what purpose these guys actually play in the everyday, online gaming experience.

If you are a local bookie that is still doing everything by hand and are getting bogged down on a weekly basis, it’s time for you to consider using a Pay Per Head service like Real Bookies. Helping bookies grow their business for over 20 years, Real Bookies has a proven track record providing the agent full access to moving lines, compr

Bookies, want to stop fighting for everything you are worth to retain clients? If so, then you must trust for all of your bookie needs. With 12 years of experience, A1PPH is a leading pay per head provider and they have super affordable PPH rate that start at $7 per head. If you are looking for a turnkey solution that offer a fantastic

Price Per Head FAQ:

1. What is a pay per head service?
2. Is a pay per head an online sportsbook?
3. Is a pay per head for bookies or for gamblers?
4. How much does the service cost?
5. Is there a contract, do I have to sign anything or make a deposit?
6. Do I need good credit?
7. If I am a bookie, do I need my own players?
8. How many players can I have?
9. Will the pay per head provider supply me with players?
10. How much money do I need to open, start up and operate a pay per head? These are a few of the most frequently asked questions. We have answers:
11. An online sportsbook that comes turnkey ready and you can even use it the same day in which you sign up. The PPH also offers an online casino with all of the popular games along with a state of the art racebook with a vast majority of the popular tracks from around the US and worldwide.
12. Yes, absolutely, it works exactly the same for client on the internet.
13. For bookies to service their clients in a hassle free manner.
14. Around $10 per head.
15. No.
16. No, there isn’t any kind of credit check.
17. Yes.
18. Unlimited.
19. Usually not, check with the provider for more details.
20. No startup cost with the PPH only your own gambling budget.

Be sure to check out our even more extensive list for more information about everything pay per head. There certainly has never been a better time than now to start your own bookie service online and with a 4 week free trial. Bookies are sick of the hassle and sick of paperwork. Who wants to grade ticket until 4.00 am? Who wants to settle disputes? Nobody. Make life easy and start reaping the benefits today. If you love the rewards of being a bookie but can’t stand the headaches, then a pay per head is the right direction to take your players. It does not matter how many players you have. You can start out with nobody and go find your first and build from there or you can have 1,000 or more. Your players will love the convenience of online gambling and you will love it even more because of the repetitive nature of gamblers. A price per head keep players coming back for more. Once you get the player, you will seldom lose them. You can’t lose with this turnkey operation built to make money.