Price Per Head payment options

The model through which Price Per Head works is actually very simple: when you execute an agreement to, in effect, “lease” the world-class online sports bookie software from a top-notch company like Real Bookie, you will pay the PPH provider a low fee on a “per head” basis; that is, pay them for every person who actually uses your software to put a wager into action, whether that is in the sportsbook, racebook, casino or poker room,. depending on what it is that you make available.

But how do you go about paying for it? Well, that’s a fair question. And the answer is that Real Bookie has any number of attractive Price Per Head payment options.

For one thing, you can do it through a very convenient person-to-person transfer. This is handled by the people at Western Union and Moneygram. It is very fast and efficient, and can itself be done in different ways, whether it is at a retail location (a stand-alone or perhaps in the money store at a Wal-Mart or supermarket), or through the phone, using your credit or debit card. This payment is made and received almost instantaneously at its ultimate destination.

Gift cards are another convenient way to make a payment, and they can be purchased through literally hundreds of thousands of retail outlets. They can work very much like a debit card – if you give Real Bookie the gift card number for the payment, it is made! A very easy transaction.

If you have a PayPal account, you can make your Price Per Head payment as easily as a click of the button. You’ll have an instant transaction, with notification on the other end. More and more people are availing themselves of the facilities of PayPal, as it has become a very mainstream way to go, and consequently a convenient Price Per Head payment option.

Don’t forget as well that there are banking options that are familiar to one and all. One of them is a wire transfer, which is about as simple as going online into your bank account and sending it to the account of Real Bookie. We will provide you with all the details so that you can do this safely and smoothly.

So as you can see, there are a lot of different ways you can go. But there is only one direction you should go in when it comes to your PPH service – Real Bookie has all you need under one roof, and we invite you to take a trial with us so we can prove we know what we are talking about. It’s free, so there is no payment option required!