Real Bookies – State-of-the-art Sports Betting Software

If you are a local bookie that is still doing everything by hand and are getting bogged down on a weekly basis, it’s time for you to consider using a Pay Per Head service like Real Bookies. Helping bookies grow their business for over 20 years, Real Bookies has a proven track record providing the agent full access to moving lines, comprehensive player reports, live betting, live casino games and a racebook; all with mobile capabilities.

With their state-of-the-art online bookie software, Real Bookies offer the client thousands of wagering options and player profiling capabilities, with the main goal of simplifying player management, which will increase your profitability. At no extra cost, you will get a fully customizable website, where you can add your own personal touch. Real Bookies is known for their easy to use interface, letting both the agent and the bettor get what needs to be done quicker and more efficiently. Automatic grading, automatic wagering assistant and a bevy of reports to track the numbers are also included in your package.

With the ability to customize each individual account, all while letting Real Bookies take care of the accounting, you’ll be able to grow your business like never before. You will get this all for one single weekly fee, paying only for those bettors that wagered that week.

You are a busy bookie and the last thing you need is to keep giving your money to people who don’t care. These experienced folks will help you make money. You will see your bankroll fatten quickly and you will be glad that you made the change. Give your clients what they are looking for. offers everything to fit your clients’ needs with a top notch sportsbook and a fantastic Las Vegas style casino. They guarantee 99.9% run time and customer service is the name of the game.