Software for Bookmakers

Even the smallest local bookies utilize software nowadays to run their businesses.

There are multiple ways to obtain software for bookmakers. There are also several levels of service available based on how big your operation is and the requirements of your business.

I’m going to explain how to obtain the best betting software for bookies.

Ways to Obtain Software for Bookmakers:

  1. Pay-Per-Head Software for Bookmakers

For 99% of bookies, the best way to obtain bookmaking software is through a PayPerHead (PPH) service online. There are several reasons why a PPH service makes sense for most businesses.

First off, the cost is important. Most bookies don’t have $XX,XXX/month to invest into a full-fledged gambling platform. PPH services have minimal costs, averaging out at about $10/head.

For those unaware, a price of $10/head means you’ll pay $10/week for each active bettor. An active bettor is defined as any account that has placed a minimum of one bet during the week.

PPH shops also provide a lot of extra features in that cost. You don’t just get the software to run a sportsbook, casino and racebook, but you also receive odds management and support.

The one thing you’ll still need to take care of when using PPH software is the cash. It’s still your job to deal with collecting money and paying out your players using your own methods.

The support and odds management will save you many hours every week. You could lease an odds feed, but it’s better to have a team of oddsmakers working with you to maintain sharp odds.

  1. Leasing Software for Bookmakers

Some companies will simple lease you software that’ll allow you to operate a sportsbook.

The problem with this option is that the software is unmanaged and it’s up to you to launch your own website, lease an odds feed and hire clerks to provide support, among other things.

The time requirement to operate this way is massive and you’re completely on your own.

  1. Retail/Online Software for Bookmakers

There are some full-fledged bookmaking software services in the market that provide a business the opportunity to run an online and retail sportsbook. However, these services are very expensive and in order to even sign-up with some of them you’ll need to have a gambling license.


If you’re looking to launch a sportsbook and need software you should look at PPH providers. There are actually a lot of these services, but I would personally only recommend a few shops.

One of the added benefits of a PPH sportsbook software solution is that you can start today. Many of these services have instant set-up, allowing you to get your business going now.

As mentioned above, they also provide support to bookies. The best ones have 24/7 call centers where your players will be able to call-in to place bets or receive support without needing you.

There’s a reason why 1000s of local and offshore bookies use PPH shops.

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