Summer Football Action with the CFL

Football is not just the fall passion that more than a few assume it to be.  As the calendar turns to Summer, the Canadian Football League is set to spring into action.  North of the Border presents pulse pounding three down action that primes the pump for increased wagering on the fall versions in the United States.  So let us at the Street Bettings examine why this is a value option for sports investors everywhere.

Summer Football Action : Nine Quality Teams

This is the intimate action that the sports handicapper thrives in.  Nine teams so that the talent pool is not diluted.  This gives each team at least a rematch during the season.  All of this equates to those that follow the sport to make more accurate projections.  A variety of weather from the heat of summer to the almost polar cold in the winter allows those that know environmental conditions to be in their own element.  More methods to win in this league because of the greater likelihood of an increased percentage of correct bets by handicappers.

Rule Changes for More Offense

This league is likely to achieve the perfect blend of offensive football with an element of defense.  Point a minute leagues like the AFL tend to isolate some of the more traditional mindsets.  Last two seasons, the CFL has been a defensive fortress in the regular season.  2016 has the CFL addressing this with a few key rule changes.  Less penalties to provide the ideal flow that three down football gives us.  Enough rushing to keep defenses off balances with controlled pin point passing from both long drives and quick scoring strikes.  It induces the fever and stokes the fever for the college and NFL product in the fall.  Quality sportsbooks like America’s Bookie is on hand to field all the CFL action throughout the season.

Out of sight does equate to out of mind with sports betting.  People are under the misapprehension that Summer is just about baseball.  Educating them on the CFL dismisses this illusion.  A high quality product with a good balance of offense to defense.  Tell your friends that money won on CFL wagers spends the same as college and the pros.  Stoke the fires of your bankroll each week in the summer and fall with the CFL as part of your sports investment portfolio.