Switching Pay Per Head Services is Easy

Switching pay per head services might be the best decision you ever made. And it’s super simple to do!

Key Points

– Switching pay per head services is easier than one might think.

– The process of switching pay per head services is similar to that of initially signing up with a provider.

Switching Pay Per Head Services

One of the most important decisions a bookie will ever make is the selection of a pay per head service. The success of your sportsbook can come down to the choice of PPH service.

But, what if you choose wrong? What if you aren’t getting exactly what you want from your current pay per head provider?

Don’t worry. These days, switching pay per head services is easy.

Back to the Drawing Board

Remember when you initially went through the process? Well, get ready because you’re going to do it again.

First, you will have to identify potential PPH candidates. Take a good look at 247PPH.com. They have all the experience you want, at a great price. The good thing is that the industry has grown and the competition is fierce. With the rise in popularity of sports betting, the pay per head industry has grown to keep up with demand.

There are a handful of things that should be a given when it comes to choosing a pay per head service. Any candidates that are missing one of these key ingredients can easily be eliminated from your prospect list. Comparing pay per head shops is done for you here!

These key items include things like a professionally designed website that offers an outstanding user experience. It has fast loading speeds and as close to 99.99 percent up-time as possible.

There should be a wide selection of banking options, a customer service call center, and a reporting system for bookies among a few other key features. Any prospect that misses on any of these should probably be out of the running.

Making the Switch – Switching Pay Per Head Services

You will also want to find pay  per head services that offer a seamless and easy transition. The actual process of switching services is not that hard for the best in the business. It will depend upon the company you choose, but the switch should not take long. Many of the best PPH software providers can make the switch within 24-48 hours (often much faster).

Actually making the switch is going to be a lot like when you signed up the first time with a pay per head. The big difference is that you, the bookie, will already have a functional operation with a player sheet. Your new PPH simply plugs that into their system and you can be up and running pretty quickly.

When switching PPH services, your new pay per head provider will work with you to get all of your information transferred into their system. Your new service will transfer all of your data – player sheet, personal info, etc. – into their new software.

Why Should You Switch?

As humans, we typically do not respond well to change. Who wants to go through the process of changing a whole system?

That’s the point with changing pay per head providers. It is easy. Whether you should change or not is a question only you can answer. What are the benefits of keeping your current PPH service? Are those benefits outweighed by switching to another PPH?

If you are thinking of switching solely based on price, you may want to think about that.

You get what you pay for and that is exactly the case in the PPH industry. The industry standard is right around $10 per head. Be cautious of PPH services charging $3 per head and be sure that switching pay per head services is being done for the right reasons.