Use the Super Bowl to Build Your PPH Sportsbook

The Super Bowl is a great way to build your PPH sportsbook.

Key Points

– The Super Bowl is the most-wagered on sporting event in the U.S.

– Attract bettors to your PPH sportsbook using incentives focused on the Super Bowl.

Use the Super Bowl to Build Your PPH Sportsbook

Looking to build your sportsbook and make more money taking bets? Then, you should take advantage of the biggest game on the annual sports schedule – the NFL’s Super Bowl.

More than 25 million Americans will put wagers on the Super Bowl and those numbers continue to rise. Each year, more states in the U.S. open up legal sports gambling. That increases the number of bettors in the market.

Somewhere between $7 and $8 billion will be wagered on the Super Bowl around the world. Wouldn’t you like your sportsbook to get in on some of that action?


The Super Bowl

The NFL determines its champion every year by playing a championship game that is known as the Super Bowl. The game features the winner of the American Football Conference (AFC) against the winner of the National Football Conference (NFC).

The Super Bowl has been played every year since 1966. In 2022, over $7 billion worldwide was wagered on the game. 

Sports betting continues to gain in popularity as more bettors enter the market. Thirty-one of the 50 states in the U.S. now allow some form of sports betting. A few more states have legislation going through review in their respective states.

With more bettors entering the marketplace, the time is ripe for those looking to operate a sportsbook. In today’s market, it’s much easier to do.

The PPH Sportsbook

Years ago, the typical bookie worked out of a casino or the local bar or restaurant. He carried a variety of newspapers as well as pen and paper to keep track of all the bets he was taking.

It was a tedious job collecting money and paying out winnings on winning bets. The phone calls would come at all hours of the day and night. The average bookie was basically on call 24 hours a day, every day.

That is no more. The advancement of technology in the sports betting industry makes it much easier to start your own offshore sportsbook. It also makes it easy for an aspiring bookie to start his own sportsbook.

The pay per head industry has transformed what it means to be a bookie. Technology has taken over the administrative tasks of running a sportsbook.

What Is Pay Per Head?

PPH sportsbook software companies provide bookies a turnkey solution to running a day-to-day sportsbook. Bookies are no longer tied to the job. It works like this.

A pay per head company provides a website and all the software needed to run an online sportsbook. In return, a bookie pays a fee for each active bettor per week. In the industry, the standard rate is $10 per head, or per active bettor.

For a bookie with 10 active players in a given week, he would pay $100 (10 x $10 per head). That payment covers a wide range of services provided to the bookie.

Betting Board & More

When a bookie partners with a PPH provider, his entire betting offering is part of what he pays for. Bookies can offer bets in every major sport in the world as well as other niche sports. There will be tons of betting options too like props, futures, and other specials. 

Your software also takes care of odds and any adjustments. Your customers can simply log into their betting accounts and do everything from check out odds and lines to the actual placing of bets.

Bookies don’t have to chase down bettors for payments either. Bettors will deposit money into their accounts through your website or betting app. All payouts are handled that way too. Customers request a payout and the software takes care of it. Bookies have the ability to monitor all bets and payouts.

PPH Sportsbook Customer Service

One of the best features of your new sportsbook software is the fully staffed customer service department that comes with it. When the phone rings at 2 a.m. and someone wants to place a bet on Russian hockey or Chinese table tennis, you don’t have to answer.

When someone calls with questions about a bet or a payout, you don’t answer. All inquiries and phone calls are answered by customer service staff. All the personnel are experienced in the betting industry and they work to correct any issues promptly. 

This simple item saves bookies massive amounts of time and energy. A lot of that time and energy can be put back into the business by working on recruiting more bettors.

Using the Super Bowl

One of the sporting events that is looked forward to the most in the United States is the Super Bowl. Depending on the team and players that one supports, it either pulls people together or drives them further apart. 

One thing is certain about the Super Bowl. More and more people will place bets on it. More casual bettors wager on the Super Bowl than any other event. This is the perfect opportunity for the smart bookie to acquire more bettors. If you already have a betting site, switching pay per head services is easy, too.

With your PPH sportsbook, it is not necessary for bettors to physically go to your sportsbook. Most betting these days is done via the smartphone. Because of this, bookies with an online sportsbook have an advantage. 


It is hard to convince all bettors to use your bookie platform to place their bets on the Super Bowl. On the other hand, if you position your online sportsbook appropriately, you should have no trouble luring in a large number of gamblers to place Super Bowl bets.

You may focus on getting high-quality customers rather than a large number of them. For example, you may want to attract more high rollers. Obtaining 100 bettors that will wager $1,000 per bet beats trying to acquire 10,000 bettors who will place $10 bets. 

The great thing is that you can work with your PPH provider to develop any number of bonuses and incentives to attract new players. You might want to run a Super Bowl Squares contest or some other contest focused solely on the big game. Give away free bets or other prizes to lure bettors to sign up and bet on the big game. 

If you are looking to build your PPH sportsbook, use sports’ biggest game of the year – the Super Bowl.