What is a PPH Software Must Have

For all the bookies out there, ask yourself this, does my sports betting software pass the test, am I getting the most out of my PPH, could I be getting more? The bookie business is your business and no matter if you have three clients or 3, 300, you should be getting what you signed up for and you should absolutely be getting what you pay for. Every dollar counts, every loss matters. The numbers matter, are you getting the best possible, from your PPH software? They most likely set the daily lines and odds for you, double check, keep a watchful eye so that you can know if you are in the best position to beat your clients. Does your sportsbook software pass the test?

• Pay Per Heads, a dime a dozen

*We know that when you choose to do business with a pay per head provider and make the move to get your business moving in the right direction, there are many decisions to make. There are many pay per head companies, some are great, some are awful, and some are not even legit. You want to make the right choice and you don’t want to spend a fortune. What you want is a great price and fantastic client support. Finding the right PPH provider will make or break your experience. You will either love that you have chosen this path for your sportsbook or you will not see the benefits and simply walk away before exploring your options.

What is a PPH—

• PPH is a provider of a service for bookies and especially bookies that may not have an online presence. If you want to be a successful bookie, you must be an online bookie. In this day and age, there is simply no reason, (no excuse) to not have an online presence. You must be online for one major reason—your clients can bet 24/7.

• You have worked hard to gain every client that you have, and you certainly don’t want to lose them. You hope they remain faithful and you need them hanging around, you need their action and you must be available to take their bets anytime they want to bet. Without a PPH you need the phone on your pillow! You have no online presence so if your players want to play, they must call you and place their bets. If you do not answer what are they going to do? Go to bed? No, not likely, gamblers are gamblers and they want action, when they come calling they want to gamble, and they will do anything to get the bet in; even if it means using another bookmaker.

• A PPH offers a turnkey solution to each and every problem that you may have, and they work for you. They are a sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all-in-one.

• Many of the more reputable PPH providers will offer an extended free trial, (a try before you buy).

• A PPH is an online presence, they offer you the bookie, a personal online sportsbook that can be up and operational by the end of the day, for no up-front cost.

**There are many great reasons for doing business under the blanket of a PPH but first and foremost is the online presence. If you plan to make any real money in today’s competitive market, then you must commit to taking your business to the next level and you simply can’t do this without the internet.

Gone are the days of brick and mortar sportsbook and with the recent changes in the law, everyone is gambling online. No longer do players feel the need to catch a plane to Las Vegas for the weekend. Why not gamble from the comforts of home? This is exactly what players are doing. They want the convenience and they want the anonymity.

What should your PPH be doing for you?

1-They should be offering you a fair price, of around $10-$15 per head. Watch out for the guys that offer “bargain basement” prices. They usually offer “bargain basement” service to go with.
Security, a platform that’s trusted industry wide and “uptime”. You must have your website up and running 24/7, with the least amount of down-time.

2-Accounting, make sure your PPH is offering you daily, up-to-the-minute reports. You must know where every dollar is going, when you lose, when you win and when you take in money. How much you have paid out for the day, how much you have paid out for the week and how much you are up, or down for the day, week , and month.

3-Bet slip grading. You must have this. The last thing you want to do is grade tickets until 4:00 AM!

4-Offer a friendly customer support staff that both you and the clients can call toll-free from the United States and speak in English.

5-Line setting, odds posting and having every line for every game up and ready to bet on the moment the lines movers set the odds.

This is bare minimum what a PPH should be doing for you. Find a great pay per head service and start your free trial so that you may know what they really do. The change for you personally and professionally will be shocking. Never forget what you must have in order to be successful in the bookie industry; an online presence that offers you the ability to grow and to make money. This is what you do now enjoy it and make a fortune.

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